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Imagine for a minute what the dreams for your life look like. Is traveling a part of them? Do they involve running your own business? How about being able to positively influence the lives and health of others? Do they include spending more quality time with your family? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may find great reward in becoming a Kyäni Business Partner! Being a Business Partner with Kyäni can provide you with fresh and unique opportunities that can help you achieve more freedom and growth in your life. With Kyäni, you have the chance to earn a Dream Car, attend educational events for professional growth, and even take trips around the world with our incentive trip program! Find more information below about Kyäni, the products, and how being a Business Partner works!

Unmatched Products and Compensation Plan

Whether you have a full time or a part time job, or whether you are a student or a stay at home individual, the Kyani business opportunity makes it convenient for you to become the entrepreneur of your dreams and have the financial lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.

The Kyani compensation plan offers you a number of various ways to achieve your goals with our proven, easy-to-use sales tools and instructional materials while providing your customers with the nutritional industry’s best supplements. When it comes to personal achievements, more is definitely better. With our remarkable supplements and exceptional marketing tools, you can turn your dreams of more into a tangible lifestyle of more: More health, more wealth, and more personal freedom.

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  2. Access to team only webinars, business information, events, weekly calls and more. We have micro teams across USA, Canada (view the full range of Canadian products here), Australia, New Zealand, Asia and more.
  3. Help when you need it, 7 days a week. This is our full time job and we are on hand via email, phone, Skype or Zoom whenever you need us. Your success is our success.

Why is the Kyani Business So Successful?

Kyani has developed a 4 prong optimal business model to help you achieve financial success with your own Kyani business distributorship. The four pathways to success are:

Business Opportunity

1.) Scientifically Proven Dietary Products

Personal health and well-being is a lifelong discipline. People want the best supplements available to maintain a positive physical and mental lifestyle. The members of Kyani’s scientific advisory board are highly acclaimed medical and science professionals with academic achievements in a diverse range of nutritional and health fields. Every extraordinary product in their Triangle of Health was developed using professional hands-on experience and the results from thousands of studies and research projects related to obtaining health and wellness.All three Kyani products contain the most beneficial and exclusive ingredients found around the globe and they work in harmony to optimize essential daily nutritional requirements in a way that is unmatched throughout the industry. You’ve felt and seen the amazing results of Kyani supplements and so will your customers. Kyani nutrients are so outstanding that they sell themselves.

Business Opportunity

2.) Team Building and Professional Connections

When you take advantage of the Kyani business opportunity, you are instantly connected with a world-wide network of Kyani distributors and professionals with experience to share. The Kyani business model is based on products and people first, followed by attracting business partners with the zeal for success. It is a model that has helped thousands of independent distributors exceed their expectations for future financial security.By taking advantage of the Kyani compensation plan, you have exclusive access to training seminars where you’ll meet and learn from sales leaders and health advisors on the extraordinary benefits of the Kyani products and how they can provide the optimum in nutritional needs and stability. You’ll have access to insider information through webinars and meetings with other Kyani team members in various cities across the world. With the known health value of Kyani products, you can build a cash flow stream that can only increase in size as your business expands. The Kyani path to successful business ownership is to build a strong business from the beginning and Kyani is there to help you along the way.

Business Opportunity

3.) State of the Art, Direct Selling Technology

Accumulating sales volume, enrolling prime customers, and enrolling new distributors is effortless with our cutting edge digital direct selling and distribution technology. Kyani wants you to succeed as much as you do and they assist you during the startup process with online marketing tools and the creation of your own Kyani website. Today’s phenomenal social media marketing system enables you to plug into the full potential of the internet and all of your social networking programs. Also, you do not have to maintain an inventory of the products. All of your sale orders are shipped directly to your customers from the distribution center closest to the customer’s address. The Kyani business opportunity is a wonderful win-win-win scenario. You are providing excellent nutritional products that people want, your customers are happy because they can elect to buy the products at retail prices or at a discounted price when they sign up for monthly auto-shipping, and you are delighted with the extra earned income.

Business Opportunity

4.)The Best Business Compensation Plan

The Kyani compensation plan is a lucrative and unique model that provides income to ranking members at all levels of the entire system from the starting Kyani ranks to the highest leadership levels. In recognition of their rising success within the Kyani network, members will be eligible for exclusive high level incentive bonuses, vacation rewards, and a lucrative new car program. Kyani’s business plan is to create a successful culture that encourages member enthusiasm, motivation, and financial security. Kyani’s superb nutritional products are the basis for the firm’s success, and the public’s demand for these products is evident because Kyani is now sold in over 65 countries around the world.

9 Ways You Can Earn With The Kyani Compensation Plan

  1. A fast start cash bonus is given to new distributors who achieve the minimum qualifying rank or higher.
  2. A bonus is calculated based on retail sales and a percentage on commission volume.
  3. You earn a recruiting bonus for new team members that you, or someone in your down line, sign up.
  4. PayGate income is calculated on volume sales from your 2 or 3 leg teams that begins with you and works downwards until there is another team member who qualifies for the same PayGate. This incredible bonus system means that you can gain income from multiple PayGates within your organization.
  5. A further increase to your earning stream is when you qualify to earn a matching percentage of the total earnings from all the members in your sponsor tree.
  6. A unique incentive program exists that includes vacations in exotic locations that change from year to year.
  7. One extremely popular incentive is the Kyani dream car program that includes three separate levels.
  8. You earn additional cash bonuses as your business expands.
  9. And, as if all the previous income opportunities, bonuses, and incentives were not enough reasons to become a Kyani business partner, there is a leadership pool that pays cash bonuses to top leaders.

Bottom line: As a member of the Kyani business team you can establish your own working hours, you have unlimited opportunities to acquire financial freedom, and you are able to spend more time with family, friends, and personal interests, all while maintaining a healthy mind and body. What is not to love about this program? Kyani offers you the keys to unlock your dreams and let them become a reality.

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